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About Us


I am the CEO of Brainstorm Media Group (BMG).  When I started the business in 2001, BMG was solely a graphic design company.  By 2010, BMG turned into a full-fledged media agency offering services such as marketing, branding, media development, web design and more.


I am a creative director and strategic partner with broad client experience in a wide variety of industries. Founder of Brainstorm Media Group branding and marketing firm. I am knowledgeable about both the business and production aspects of the marketing business. I am known for translating a client's vision into an effective marketing solution, delivering excellence the first time around and providing honest consulting advice.


I understand that part of a person’s success includes helping others.  I often speak to high school students about the importance of enhancing their talents and the importance of thinking ahead.  In the near future, I am looking to develop an incubator program to help entrepreneurs’ develop their business ideas in a real client situation environment.


If you have a strategy/marketing/branding problem don't hesitate to call or send me your contact information.

Marcus S.
Creative Director

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